Former President Bill Clinton took the stage in Cheyenne this morning to campaign for his wife Hillary.

In front of a crowd of more than 500 at the Kiwanis Community House, he focused on issues important to the Cowboy State, such as coal and Medicaid expansion.

"I know that the headlines in Wyoming are not good today because of the coal layoffs, but it's a cyclical industry," said President Clinton. "You have a warm winter and you've got all this natural gas production you have to deal with, but in the end we're going to be phasing into the new energy future."

President Clinton said numerous jobs could be created in Wyoming if the state maximized its capacity to export wind as it does coal.

"You'd have to hire people to build the transmission lines to connect them to where the people are," said President Clinton. "It would create zillions of jobs that could never be exported, they wouldn't be subject to foreign competition, they wouldn't be subject to variations in the weather and it would create a whole new economy for people here."

President Clinton also applauded Governor Matt Mead's push to expand Medicaid.

"You need to pass this Medicaid expansion," said President Clinton. "Every single state in America that has done this has generated more revenues than the 10 percent state match cost, has generated more jobs and has saved rural hospitals. There are few states in America that would be more benefited by expanding Medicaid than Wyoming."

President Clinton urged Wyoming Democrats to turn out for Saturday's caucuses to support Hillary.

"We can't pretend that the Democrats can do it alone and we can't pretend that we can have our way all the time, but we can make dramatic changes and we can all rise together," said President Clinton. "If you believe that go out and make sure she wins this caucus."

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