Officials with the U.S. Postal Service on Thursday said in a release that outgoing mail operations currently handled in Cheyenne will be transferred to Denver.

The release also says no layoffs of career employees at the Cheyenne facility are planned, and the service will spend $3.5 million to modernize the Cheyenne facility

According to the release, ''The announcement comes following a thorough business review and solicitation of public feedback on the facility’s future. In addition to determining the facility will remain open and modernized as a Local Processing Center, the business case supports transferring mail processing outgoing operations to the Denver P&DC in Denver, CO. Currently, a majority of mail and packages are destined outside the Cheyenne area to the rest of the world.''

A website for the Office of Inspector General of the Postal Service says of local processing centers ''These processing facilities will sort letters and flats to individual mail carrier routes in the regional area.''

$3.5 Million Will Be Spent On Changes

The release says the $3.5 million will go for ''investments and modernization efforts as well as deferred maintenance."

The postal service does say that after the Cheyenne facility is converted to a Local Processing Center it will still be able to mail and ship packages, manual letters, and flats.

The release also says the modernization efforts should streamline package processing and distribution in the local area and that "delivery services will be enhanced."

No timeline for the changes was mentioned.

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