LARAMIE -- The nickelback position battle is heating up in Laramie, and the guy with arguably the coolest name on the roster is making a push for playing time this fall.

Buck Coors, a redshirt freshman from Loveland, Colo., is impressing the guys who need to be impressed midway through fall camp, mainly head coach Craig Bohl.

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"We are really pleased with some of our younger guys that were somewhat unknown. Buck Coors is showing some real promise," Bohl said Monday afternoon in Laramie. "He's a guy who could always run, but he's shown that he's starting to understand football a little bit more. So he's going to get moved up the depth chart some. How far? I don't know."



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The 5-foot-11, 187-pound Coors appeared in three games in 2021, all on special teams. The former quarterback and cornerback at Resurrection Christian High School is pushing incumbent Keonte Glinton and true freshman, Malique Singleton, who Bohl said could also see the field this season.

Here are some other tidbits from Wyoming's Monday practice on the North 40:

* Tempers are rising with the temperature at fall camp. Is that a good thing? "We're in camp and guys are getting a little bit edgy," Bohl said. "That's OK. That's kind of how things go, but we got to move forward."

* The first offensive line unit is starting to gel. "(They) are pretty cohesive," Bohl said. "We put them under 20-some plays of pass-under-pressure and they picked up stuff. Fundamentally, we're in a good place. We still (have) work to do." Bohl did say there is a race for one of the starting guard spots between redshirt freshman Jack Walsh and junior Zach Watts. "That position would be a slash," he said, referring to multiple starters. "And I'd venture to say, no matter what happens over the next two weeks, I don't see that changing much. So we're really encouraged by both of those guys. They both made each other better and that gives us another guy. So, I think, right now you'd see both of those guys playing."

* Bohl said Monday he issues a challenge to his receivers and tight ends -- start making plays. "(We saw) some some contested plays there, which you're encouraged about."

* Wyoming is still looking for its starting quarterback Aug. 27 at Illinois -- or so Bohl says. Andrew Peasley is the lone signal caller on this roster with any FBS experience. The junior played in parts of nine games at Utah State in 2021.

* Bohl said another position battle to keep an eye on this fall is at the punter spot. Ralph Fawaz handled those duties last season, averaging 42.5 yards per boot. That was good enough for eighth in the 12-team Mountain West. Clayton Stewart, a '21 transfer from Texas State is making a strong push during camp.

* Wyoming is still searching for a fourth defensive end and a third offensive tackle to join the rotation. The Cowboys will hold a critical scrimmage Saturday afternoon inside War Memorial Stadium.

* Speaking of that scrimmage, Bohl said it will be live. He wants to see what he has. "There's only so many times you expose your football team, our football team, to live contact to try to keep guys healthy before the first game," he said. "But nonetheless, it's football."

* Is exposing guys like Titus Swen worth it when it comes to the kick, punt-return game this season? "Special team plays are really important," Bohl said. "As I've said before, nothing has an impact on scoring more so than field position ... The best guy in those places will play. If he can help us win, he's going to play."

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