The Wyoming Poison Control Center i9s warning residents about a variety of summer health hazards.

Spokeswoman Joan McVoy says insecticides containing DEET should only be applied sparingly and only in exposed area. McVoy is also reminding people that insecticides containing less than a 10% concentration of DEET are just as effective but less toxic to humans.

McVoy also is reminding people allergic to bee stings to closely monitor the stings for the first hour. She says household cleaners such as bleach can be deadly if mixed with other cleaning products that contain acids or ammonia, emitting a gas which can cause serious breathing problems.

McVoy also reminds people to be careful with food at summer cookouts. That includes thoroughly cooking meat to 160 degrees. McVoy advises using a meat thermometer to make sure the optimum temperature is reached.

She is reminding people that they can reach professional medical help at the center 24/7 toll free at 1-800-222-1222.