Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring is one of Wyoming's most iconic sights. We've seen a lot of pictures from the ground, but a new pilot video share shows how amazing it appears from the sky.

This is a fairly long video. It's nearly a half-hour in length and shows highlights of what it's like to fly from Cody to Yellowstone and back. The entire thing is worth a look if you have time to spare, but it especially gets good around the 15:45 mark when he goes over Grand Prismatic Spring.

I've made the argument before about why I believe that Yellowstone and the Tetons are underrated. One of my wife's favorite Yellowstone pics happened when she was at eye level near Grand Prismatic.

Photo, Angie Holliday
Photo, Angie Holliday

As the National Park Service website states, Grand Prismatic Spring spans over 370 feet in diameter and is the largest hot spring in the park. They've measured a depth of over 120 feet.

Last time my family visited Yellowstone, we went to the overlook above Grand Prismatic. It's a bit of a hike, but more than worth it if you want a higher perspective on this beautiful part of nature.

This pilot's video is greatly appreciated as most of us earthlings don't get to see any part of Yellowstone from this high up.

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