A phone scam that features bogus law enforcement officers threatening people with arrest for supposedly missing jury duty is being reported in Wyoming.

According to Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell, the scammers are calling people up using phony phone numbers that make it look like they are in Wyoming when they are really out of state or even overseas. They threaten intended victims with arrest for supposed missed jury duty unless ''fines" of anywhere between $750 and $1500 are paid using e-vouchers or reloadable debit cards.

Once the scammers are given the number of the debit card or e-voucher, the money is gone and cannot be recovered.

The sheriff said one red flag is the fact that no agency fo the criminal justice system is going to call you up and demand money for fines, including missed jury duty, overdue traffic tickets or anything similar. He advises anyone who gets such a call to note the name of the agency the caller claims to represent as well as the phone number that shows up on your caller ID.

Next, hang up and check with the organization the caller claimed to be with, But first and foremost, never provide such a caller with any personal or financial information.


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