We're getting really close to Christmas, 15ish days if my math is right, and that means, there will be a ton of homeless future family members at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. That makes me sad, and I don't want to be all preachy and say "Adopt Don't Shop", but really, Adopt, Don't Shop. Especially for Christmas, they'll end up at the shelter anyways. Let's be awesome for Christmas.

Starting out with the big woofers.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shleter


It's the most wonderful time of the year and this handsome man is looking at making the Rockettes jealous. With his spirited steps and more energy than an elf on candy canes, Prancer truly lives up to his name. If you are looking to go hiking over the river and through the woods or just maybe a quick jog around the block we think Prancer will be the perfect stocking stuffer. Please go to CheyenneAnimalShelter.org today and fill out an application. Like the mythical creature, he is named for when the clock strikes 12 on Christmas Eve he may no longer be available.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Bella is an energetic young lady dog! She loves walks, playtime, and her food and treats most of all! She is learning some basic obedience and ready for a new teacher she can learn from for the rest of her life. She does love food a bit too much, causing her to get into trouble with other dogs in the past.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Bryson is an active adult dog. He is full of energy and a zest for life. Unfortunately, he missed out on learning appropriate doggy manners in his youth. He can be a bit picky with his dog friends and is just now working on learning some basic obedience and impulse control. Bryson is probably not for the novice dog owner. However, if you are looking for a rewarding challenge along with a loving companion-- turn in your application quickly!

And now for the cool cats and kittens

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Victor is a special kitty indeed! He survived a potentially fatal complication during his neuter and needed some extra recovery time. Victor is still visually impaired, but this doesn't stop him from playing, exploring, and making the world his oyster!

This kitty enjoys the companionship of other cats and dogs. He takes a little while to win over cats but made instant friends with his foster family's 2 dogs. He is learning to climb, chase noises, and follow people around. When he isn't exploring, he enjoys cuddles and pet time as well! He can see movement, lines, and shadows but is still struggling with depth perception-- making stairs and climbing things a challenge. However, his veterinarian has high hopes that with time, Victor will grow to be a completely normal kitty!

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Whitey is a sweet young cat. He is looking to be someone's constant companion! He loves attention and will stop at nothing to get yours!

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Punkin may seem a bit reserved at first-- however, once you hit his happy button (with a head pet), you turn on the lovefest! He enjoys cuddles, pets, and attention! This young cat is ready to brighten up your home for Christmas.

If you see any new additions to your family, contact the Cheyenne Animal Shelter here.

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