In a press release put out by the Natrona County School District, Park Elementary celebrates the community service project, “Humans Helping Humans,” which raised $1,600 for homeless teenagers.

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The money was given to the Unaccompanied Students Initiative, which provides aid to the young homeless population of Laramie and Natrona County.

The idea for the project came from teachers Julie Pierantoni and Chris Beamer, who are currently working on a professional development program called the Marzano High Reliability program.

Pierantoni and Beamer, through the Marzano program, teamed up with the school community to create “Humans Helping Humans."

Pierantoni said:

“Throughout the pandemic, students expressed concerns for homeless students in the community. We wanted to empower our students to turn their concerns into action. Humans helping Humans was a fun way we could support the USI home in our community.”

With the help of physical education teacher Hutchison, Park Elementary students participated in a fundraising walk/run during their P.E. classes throughout the week of April 19, where the $1,600 was raised.

Beamer said:

“We want students to understand that the way we treat others is more important than being the smartest person in the room. We know that when a community works together, great things happen, and we want our students to know that they have the power to make a difference.”

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