Sunday is the last day to sign up for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but Wyomingites don't have to face the insurance marketplace alone.

Tracy Brosius, Operations Director for the Wyoming Institute of Population Health, says help is close by in most every city and town in the state.

"All of our services are absolutely free," said Brosius. "We are here to educate and assist, at whatever level, if it's a basic question all the way to helping someone actually go through the website and fill out the forms."

Sign-up assistance is available online at or by calling 211.

Brosius adds that failing to sign up for health insurance by the deadline can end up costing you.

"There are federal penalties for not being covered," said Brosius. "If you opt not to enroll by January 31, you will be subject to a tax penalty, which is $695 per adult. But that's the minimum. For an individual it could be as high as $12,000."

Brosius says 93 percent of Wyomingites who purchase health insurance through the marketplace qualify for financial assistance to offset the cost of their premiums, based on income and other factors.  Nationally, 8 out of 10 people end up paying less than $75 a month for coverage.

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