An online survey conducted over the last couple of weeks doesn't seem to show a lot of enthusiasm for the naming of the ''Cheyenne Anthem'' as the official city song of Cheyenne.

A proposal to name the anthem as the official song of Cheyenne is slated for second reading at the Cheyenne City Council meeting scheduled for this evening (Nov. 26). But a clear majority of the 300 people responding to the Townsquare Media of Cheyenne online poll wishes the council would stay out of the music business. A total of 171 people--or 57 percent of respondents--chose ''Why is the city council wasting time on this kind of thing?" as their reaction to the proposed naming of the anthem as the official city song.

Another 80 people--or just under 27 percent-- chose ''I really don't like the song, so my answer would be no." Another 35 people chose ''Yes! it's a great representation of Cheyenne." That comes out to 11.67 percent of poll respondents.

The anthem, which runs over 5 minutes in length was composed for the city's 150th-anniversary celebration last year.  The online poll was open to anyone who took the time to respond and was not demographically weighted to match the overall population of the city.

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