Several states have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day celebrations.

They include Alaska, Minnesota, New Mexico, Maine, Vermont and South Dakota (which calls it Native American Day). Several cities across have also made the move.

Columbus Day is not an official state holiday in Wyoming. Since it is a federal holiday, however, federal offices, many banks, and some businesses are closed.

Should Indigenous Peoples' Day replace Columbus Day?

Supporters of such a move say Columbus was responsible, at least indirectly, for the murder of millions of native people in the Americas, the theft of their land and the destruction fo their cultures. They also say Indigenous Peoples' Day awards long-overdue recognition to the native cultures and people who populated the western hemisphere for thousands of years before Columbus.

But supporters of Columbus Day often argue that whatever his flaws may have been, the impact of Columbus had on world history and specifically the history of the New World cannot be underestimated. Some also argue that Columbus himself cannot be blamed for the destruction of native peoples and cultures that often took place hundreds of years after his death.

So what do you think? We'll publish the results of our poll in a few days.


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