You know, if you grew up in the right decade, and are the right age, a car like the Dodge Challenger hits you right between the eyes.

And that age is, well, mine, an early boomer. We all remember the original, debuting in 1970 as a twin to the Plymouth Barracuda. It was only around for 5 years in that original form, but the new version captures that look, that spirit in every way.

And I have to tell you, they have done a marvelous job recreating the old ’71 challenger, except it’s built better, has the power and when you head into a turn, the original was about as much fun as a spastic colon.

Now, though, handling is surprisingly good considering it’s only a little lighter than a Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

And now, there is something new in our Challenger GT version, all-wheel-drive.

The same system used in the Charger All-Wheel-Drive has been adapted to the Challenger, and at a recent press event in Colorado, it proved that for inclement weather and light snow, it is up to the task of life in a northern climate.

The car feels so powerful that when you pop the hood, you expect to see the familiar 5.7-liter Hemi V8. But surprise, it is a 3.6 liter V6 with 305 horsepower on tap, passing through an 8-speed automatic transmission that’s smoother than Sinatra. That means a different cog for anything you need.

The car has redundant paddle shifters which I try my best to ignore.

The GT package includes 19-inch wheels, leather and suede seats, nine speaker Alpine stereo and rear-park-assist. All this and the EPA says you get 18 miles per gallon city, 27 on the highway.

The interior is gorgeous and a bit retro, and trunk space is better than most pony cars in its class.

It’s one whale of a lot of car starting at $33,395 for the GT model.

Do you need a Challenger GT? Oh, in the grand scheme of things, probably not. But do you want a Challenger GT?  Just look at it, for crying out loud. That should answer your question.

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