The Federal government and local authorities will soon be able to reach people directly on their cell phones to warn of imminent danger like tornadoes or alert them about missing children — even in the middle of a widespread emergency that overloads communications
systems, like what happened on 9/11. We'll find out how this will effect you as well as find out what technology our American Hero's used to take down Public Enemy #1: Osama bin Laden with guest Author Anthony R. Howard.


[/caption]Anthony R. Howard, author of The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox, has been an industry recognized consultant for the premier global technology firms for over 12 years. Presently he is a leading Advanced Systems Consultant for one of the world’s largest Information Technology firms where he was the winner of the National Federal Office Systems Award (FOSE – Nation’s Largest Information Technology Exposition Serving the Government Marketplace), and the 2004 winner of Government Computer News Best New Technology Award. Several case studies have been published on Howard’s solutions across the Information Technology industry. Currently he provides enterprise technology solutions and advisement for America’s most distinguished clients including a sizeable amount of work for the U.S. Defense Sector, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security.

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