Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says things went "incredibly smoothly" on election day earlier this month despite record voter turnout.

Murray says 258,788 Wyoming residents voted, the most ever for the Cowboy state. He says records were also set for the most people voting early, most absentee voters and several county records were also set.

That includes Laramie County, the state's most populous, where over 41,000 people voted. Murray says despite the crowds at the polling places, Wyoming had only "tiny,tiny  minuscule problems" on election day.

The most notable of issues were some confusion about "the sequence starting a couple of machines" in Hot Springs County. Murray calls that "more of an equipment deal that didn't keep anyone from voting" than a serious problem.

He says otherwise the only problems he heard about were long lines caused by heavy voter turnout.

He also says it's not clear how many younger people voted this year, but notes he did see people of all ages at the polls. Murray has long been concerned about voter turnout in the 18-24 age group. He says those numbers won't be available until the end of December.

At the other end of the spectrum, Murray says he personally gave a 94-year-old blind woman a ride to the polls so she could vote.

As Secretary of State, Murray is Wyoming;s top election official.

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