Wyoming Waters now under the Special Winter Ice Fishing provision have increased from 23 to 26 from the previous 2012-13 fishing regulation period. Wyoming Game and Fish Department spokesman Al Langston says the three new waters added under the provision are Boulder Lake in Sublette County and Lake Hattie and Wheatland Reservoir #3 in Albany County. For a complete list of the waters in the state under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision click here.

Langston says on these waters, anglers can use up to six lines when fishing through the ice. The regulation requires that when anglers use more than two lines on these waters, the angler’s name shall be attached to each pole, line, or tip-up. In addition, the angler must be no more than 300 yards from all lines.

Langston says on waters not covered under the provision, anglers can use up to two lines.