Today is a great start to the week in The Morning Zone.


7:07AM MDT: Middle East expert, author and columnist, Micah Halpern joins us to give us the latest on what's happening in Egypt, Syria and across the middle east.

7:037AM MDT: Early Bird Open Lines. Hear something, read something or see something that got your ire up over the weekend? Then call and weigh in with host Dave Chaffin. 1-888-503-6500 toll free or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323 locally

8:07AM MDT: Our man down on The Border, John Marshall returns with his monthly update.

9:07AM MDT: Open Lines...Once again, weigh in on what's on your mind. Toll free 1-888-503-6500 or locally 307-632-6500 and 632-3323.