Blood donor organizations from around the world are taking part in a Missing Type campaign aimed at reversing the decline in new donors.

Justin Irish, Donor Recruitment Representative for United Blood Services in Cheyenne, says there's been a 30 percent international drop in first-time donors over the past decade.

"For some reason, just throughout the world, new donors don't understand or don't realize the need for blood donations," said Irish. "Eighty-five percent of people in their lifetime are going to use blood and only five percent of people donate on a regular basis."

Irish says the idea of the Missing Type campaign is to block out As, Bs and Os -- the letters of the three blood types -- from everyday and iconic locations.

"We blocked out the letters in our name and if other businesses want to get on board they can," said Irish. "We want to drive home the message that we're missing these blood types and we need people to come in and donate."

"We're really targeting donors who haven't donated before or donors who haven't donated in many years to come in and reverse the statistics to make sure that patients and hospitals have all blood types," added Irish.

Irish says the donation process takes about an hour. Donors must be at least 16, weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health.

"Blood donation in Wyoming, Cheyenne specifically, has declined over the last three to five years," said Irish. "That's going to be a problem if we keep going at this rate."

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