Cheyenne-based meteorologist Don Day says Cheyenne could see temperatures as low as minus 20 on Thursday night as a blast of cold, arctic air continues to rock the area.

That minus 20, just to be clear, isn't a windchill, it's an actual temperature.

Day, proprietor of Dayweather Inc., says 4-8 inches of snow is possible over the 24 hour period that started Wednesday morning and continues through Thursday morning. a winter weather advisory is in effect through Thursday morning.

But the biggest impact of the arctic front isn't the snow, it is expected to be intensely cold weather. Day says lows this evening  (Wednesday) could be well into the negative single digits to minus ten.

But Thursday night could be even colder, with a low in the Cheyenne area anywhere between minus 10 and minus 20.

He says Thursday could very well mark the coldest temperature in the area this winter.

Day is advising people to make sure their pipes are properly protected against potentially freezing and possibly bursting. Household pets should obviously not be left outdoors for any extended periods in such cold weather either.

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