Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union donated more than 300 cases of oatmeal to local food banks Friday.

In celebration of International Credit Union Day, Meridian Trust launched "Breakfast for a Week," a pay-it-forward promotion encouraging members to donate a dollar for a box of oatmeal.

"We thought how can we impact people the most and impact with people is generally with their stomachs," said Beverly Dowling, Residential Lending Manager. "Children don't perform well if they're hungry, senior citizens don't sleep when they're hungry."

For every dollar donated, the credit union was able to purchase a large container of oatmeal for those in need.

"We got 5,000 boxes," said Dowling. "We've got those at all of our branches throughout the state, so we are going to be donating those 5,000 boxes to food banks and shelters throughout the state."

In total, Meridian Trust collected enough in contributions to provide over 35,000 meals to local food banks.

"Members were very generous with their hearts and their dollars to help make this happen," said Dowling.

Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media
Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

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