Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mary Throne says she doesn't care whether an idea is conservative or liberal, but only whether it will work.

Throne, who is a Cheyenne attorney, is so far the only announced Democratic candidate for Governor of Wyoming in 2018. She was interviewed on KGAB-AM radio in Cheyenne about her candidacy on Friday morning.

While saying ''I don't like to label myself," Throne said she does consider herself a "Wyoming Democrat." She said that means she supports the Second Amendment and is skeptical of the federal government on many issues, including environmental regulation of the energy industry.

Throne said she thinks "we know better' than the federal government on energy and environmental regulations. She said many of the state regulatory policies Wyoming implemented in regard to the oil and gas industries under former Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal were later adopted by the federal government.

Throne, who spent a decade in the state House of Representatives before losing a re-election bid in 2016, said she was frustrated by the 2018 legislative session because lawmakers spent too much time on bills that she says were "not dealing with pressing issues" for a budget session.

For example, she said she doesn't see that the "stand your ground" bill approved by the legislature was really needed because Wyoming already recognized the right to self-defense in a series of court decisions over the years.

On economic diversification, she said "government has a role" to play in encouraging business growth in Wyoming, including providing strong essential services such as good roads.

When it comes to maintaining air service in Wyoming, Throne said the state may have to "kind of prop it up" because Wyoming's population base is just too small to support commercial air carriers in many cases.

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