Wyoming Treasurer Mark Gordon says he sees three key factors in building Wyoming's future if he is elected governor this year.

The Republican, who is generally viewed as one of the frontrunners in the 2018 gubernatorial race, said Thursday, the first key to future success is ''getting government to live within its means." He said the second key is ''getting government out of the way," which he defines as, ''making sure regulation is local and accountable locally."

Gordon said the third key is a strong educational system, which will have the ability to keep training people for jobs of the future. He said that includes ''continuing education for people as they evolve into this incredible transforming workplace we have."

On KGAB radio in Cheyenne on Thursday morning, Gordon said he had accomplished all three of the key objectives during his time as state Treasurer.

On the subject of education, Gordon cited his background as a member of a school board in Johnson County for one of the reasons why he would be well-suited for dealing with issues surrounding state schools. He also said he thinks local school boards across Wyoming need to be given "more accountability and more opportunity to make the changes that are necessary."

In terms of school funding, Gordon said, "we need to tighten up the ship,'' but added "we all want to make sure our teachers are paid well. That's very, very important."

He said during his time as Treasurer, he has improved the state's return on its investments. He said that while that doesn't address the roughly $700 million shortfall the state faces in school funding over the next few years, it does help.

When asked Thursday if he would pledge to never support raising taxes if he is elected, Gordon responded: "never say never."

Gordon is one of several Republicans who has formally announced plans to run for governor this year.

Others include Cheyenne attorney Harriet Hageman, Cheyenne Doctor and rancher Taylor Haynes, Laramie County businessman Sam Galeotos and long-time Republican activist and donor Foster Friess of Jackson.

Sheridan Businessman Bill Dahlin was one of the first to formally announce, jumping into the race last summer.

Rock Springs veterinarian Rex Rammell, who has run for numerous offices in Idaho and Wyoming as a Republican, reportedly will now run on the Constitution Party ticket for governor.

Cheyenne attorney Mary Throne, a former state legislator, is so far the only Democrat to announce a run for governor in 2018.

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