Seattle Mariners pitcher Logan Gilbert recently said on TikTok that he doesn't think Wyoming is a real place.

Or at least that is what he has heard.

His comments on the Cowboy State were prompted by being asked "If you had to eliminate one state, which would you choose?''

Gilbert chose Wyoming because ''I've heard that it's not real to begin with." He goes on to say "Think about it. Have you met somebody from Wyoming? Nobody has. I've heard that it's not real."


Gilbert is from Florida.

This isn't the first time someone has doubted the existence of the Cowboy State. There is a Reddit page devoted to the idea that Wyoming is not real. The page has 1.2 thousand members.

And the Urban Dictionary a few years ago made the same claim, hopefully in jest. A 2018 definition for Wyoming in that dictionary included the following comments ''Anyone you've met who thinks they have been to Wyoming, or believes they have lived in Wyoming have had fake memories implanted by the U.S. government.''

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