A 21-year-old Laramie man was arrested on Saturday, February 16th, after witnesses say that he drunkenly caused extensive damage to both vehicles and property in West Laramie.

According to Circuit Court paperwork, thirteen calls were placed to 911 at just before 6:00 Saturday evening, reporting an out of control driver in the area of west Laramie.  Police arrived at the corner of W. Polk St. and N. Pierce Street to find a white 2000 Dodge Durango with significant damage, as well as extensive damage to the properties of surrounding homes.

Oscar Vargas, identified by police as a resident of Laramie, was arrested on the scene as the suspected driver of the vehicle.  According to police, Vargas at the time of his arrest was uncooperative and was screaming obscenities.

Various witnesses cited in the court paperwork claim the following:

  • The white Dodge Durango was observed at the intersection of N. 3rd Street and E. Clark in Laramie, where the driver "extended the majority of his body out of the driver's side window and began yelling at passing vehicles."
  • Witnesses then claim that the Durango continued west over the Clark Street viaduct and repeatedly swerved into oncoming traffic at "a high rate of speed."
  • The Durango continued onto Snowy Range Road.
  • It was then said that the Durango attempted to pass an SUV on Snowy Range Road, collided with the SUV, forcing the SUV into on-coming traffic.  Eye-witnesses estimate the Durango's speed at 70-90 miles an hour during the collision.
  • The Durango was then said to turn onto N. Pierce street where, attempting to pass a Chevrolet Suburban, drove off the road and into the front yards of two homes, causing extensive damage.  The Durango stopped at the intersection of W. Polk and N. Pierce.

A search of the Durango by police revealed three empty 200 ml bottles of rum and and empty energy drink can.

The total value of damages estimated by investigators on scene was approximately $10,000.

A preliminary breath sample taken of Vargas at the Albany County Detention Center registered Vargas' blood alcohol content at .127%, approximately four hours after the original accident.  Driving under the influence in the state of Wyoming is defined as having a blood alcohol content .08% or higher.

Vargas faces one count of Driving Under the Influence, one count of Reckless Driving, one count of Failure to Stop at the Scene of an Accident, one count of Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance, and one felony count of Property Damage.

Vargas is currently being held at the Albany County Detention Center on a $25,000 cash bond.