Lovell Police Chief Dan Laffin says people who are rioting and looting in recent protests over the death of George Floyd are in some cases ''using it as a convenient excuse to conduct criminal behavior.''

Laffin made the comments in a post on the Lovell Police Department Facebook page on Monday. His comments included the following:

''We have all seen the horrific images of riots throughout the Country that are violent and utterly disturbing with innocent people being victimized. Businesses and public buildings being vandalized and destroyed; entire communities being ravished by senseless violence. It sickens the heart and is an insult to the mind.

There is absolutely no sense in destroying communities and targeting innocent people, then trying to mask it with calling it a protest about “injustice”. What it really is, is a convenient excuse to conduct criminal behavior, which should not and will not be tolerated.''

In another portion of his post, Laffin also wrote "There seems to be a movement of Police Chiefs and senior law enforcement officials making public displays out of marching with protesters and calling for an end to social injustice and police brutality. As the Chief of Police, I will not march with protesters for the simple reason that these are the same tenants and values that I live by daily, no need for a special public announcement."

You can read Chief Laffin's entire post here.

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