Locomotive # 844 [Photo by Drew Jacksich (drewj1946), Flickr.com][/caption]A spokesman for the Union Pacific Railroad says historic Locomotive #844 will be returning to it's home base in Cheyenne this weekend.

Mark Davis says the legendary locomotive has been on display at the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. for the last few days. Davis says the historic train has been drawing large crowds, but with the series wrapping up, it will start towards home on Wednesday, , when it will head to Council Bluffs, Iowa. On Thursday Davis says crews in Council Bluffs will get the locomotive ready for it's return trip.

Davis says on Friday the locomotive is scheduled to travel to North Platte, Neb., where it will spend Friday night before beginning the trip back to Cheyenne. Davis says if all goes as planned, the train should reach Cheyenne around 4:45 pm Saturday.

Davis also says a Global Positioning Satellite [GPS] transmitter has been installed on one of the railcars traveling with 844. He says the GPS has been integrated with a map that can be accessed at up.com. to track the locomotive's location as it travels back home.