Wyoming: Perspectives on a 'small town with long streets' examines recent declines in the coal industry with city officials from affected cities and energy economists, as well as documenting different aspects of the state from a variety of residents: former Senators, Governors, Mayors, and more.

Photographs from Davis, who lives in Powell, showcase the uniqueness of Wyoming and the escape it can provide. Fantastic images of Gold Rush Days, Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Northern Arapaho powwow in Ethete, the Green River Rendezvous, wildlife, landscape, prehistoric monuments, old drive-up movie theatres, and more, decorate the book.

Dennis Davis
Dennis Davis

"You need a certain amount of growth to sustain an economy - on the other hand, people like [Wyoming] the way it is and they're reluctant to change," says Davis about the content covered in Perspectives.

Wyoming: Perspectives on a 'small town with long streets' is available to purchase from a number of bookstores in the Cody area, as well as on amazon.

For more information, or photos and videos about the project, visit wyomingsmalltown.com