Laramie County Commissioners on Tuesday proclaimed the week of January 24-30, 2016 as Laramie County School Choice Week.

Held the last week of January, National School Choice Week is designed to raise awareness about all types of education options, from traditional public schooling to online learning.

"School Choice Week is really about letting parents make the decision that best suits their individual child's needs," said Commissioner Amber Ash. "It's not about one being better than the other, it's not about pitting them against each other, it's simply about saying that we recognize that that decision belongs with the parents."

"I think sometimes the idea is that somehow people who support school choice are not finding the value in traditional schools," said Amy Threewitt, President of the Wyoming Chapter of "We want our traditional schools to be strong, we just want to have options for our kids."

Threewitt believes every education option is important and valuable.

"It just depends on the kid, they're so unique," said Threewitt. "For me it's the future of my kids and I can't think of a more important option that I could have in raising my kids than to be able to choose what works for them."

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