Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says terror cells are present both in Wyoming and across the country, and says people need to be vigilant to prevent an attack.

In light of the attacks in Brussels the sheriff says it would be a mistake to assume something similar couldn't happen in Wyoming or just about anywhere else.

Glick notes FBI Director James Comey has said there are terror cells in all 50 states. He also says that while illegal Mexican immigrants tend to generate a lot of the headlines, a disturbing number of what he calls "OTMs"--or Other Than Mexicans--are crossing into the United States from both Mexico and Canada.

The sheriff says authorities in Arizona often find Islamic prayer rugs and Korans ( the Muslim holy book) scattered among campsites and immigrant travel routes.

''We have to be aware they are here" Glick says.

He also says it's a mistake to assume terrorists wouldn't attack Wyoming in view of the high number of ''soft targets" (people and buildings not guarded from attack) in the state. Glick says surrounding areas such as northern Colorado are likely home to terrorist cells.

He says it's important for people to pay attention and report suspicious activity immediately, even if they don't know for sure that it involves terrorist or other criminal activity.

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