Laramie County officials are urging people to get prepared ahead of Monday's solar eclipse.

County Fire Warden Matt Butler issued the following set of guidelines on Wednesday morning:
"•Eye Safety - Do not look at the eclipse without the proper eye protection. Special eclipse glasses are needed; regular sunglasses DO NOT protect your eyes. IS0# 12312.2-2015
Cell Phones/Internet - Be prepared for diminished cell service and internet. A large influx of travelers will have an impact on our cellular and internet systems.
Groceries - Plan ahead! Do your grocery shopping in advance, beat the crowds!
Medication/Oxygen - Stock up on you medications and oxygen before the event.
Fuel - Wyoming is expected to have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of visitors traveling through it. Make sure you get fuel well in advance!
Cash - Get cash, ATM's may run out or be hindered by slow internet systems.
•Expect Delays

In Laramie County, the first effects of the eclipse will be seen at 10:23 a.m. The eclipse, which will not be a total one locally, will peak at 11:47. Conditions will return to normal by 1:13 p.m.

The National Weather Service is warning people that the temperature could drop by as much as 20 degrees, so people may also want to make sure they have some warmer clothing on hand.

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