Crime rates in Laramie County may be down, but the work load at the district attorney's office is up.

Laramie County District Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg says it's hard to explain how crime statistics are down and filings are up, but it has to do with the way certain crimes are tracked.

"The crimes that we track, in terms of the statistics that we're being quoted, are limited to seven categories," said Sandburg. "Those are criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault and battery, burglary, larceny theft and motor vehicle theft."

Sandburg says crimes like arson, child rape and embezzlement aren't being factored in.

"There's a lot of crime that isn't tracked by those seven categories," said Sandburg. "If you look just at those seven categories, the numbers do appear to be down."

Sandburg says the non-tracked categories appear to be what's making up the difference for the rising rate of work at the DA's office.

"Looking back to 2008 compared to now, the case load for the DA's office here in Laramie County has gone up approximately 33%," said Sandburg. "It's been a very significant increase."