Laramie County District Attorney candidate Leigh Ann Manlove says county prosecutors are losing way too many criminal cases and says if she is elected things will change.

Manlove, who is a Republican, says she's heard local prosecutors are losing about 80 percent of criminal cases that go to trial. Manlove calls that statistic ''highly unusual," since the prosecution always has the choice of whether or not to take a case to trial.

She says a more typical figure would be for the prosecution to win 80 percent of its cases. She adds that in her experience as a prosecuting attorney she has tried somewhere between 30 and 40 cases, losing only five of those.

Manlove says currently a lot of cases are going to trial that shouldn't be and vows to take a different approach if she is elected. You can see the full interview she conducted with Glenn Woods on KGAB radio on Friday in the video with this article.

Current Laramie County District Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg, who is a Republican, is not running for re-election after one term in office. Manlove faces Democrat Lynn Boak in the November general election.

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