The Assistant Director of the Laramie County Combined Communications Center is reminding people that the 911 emergency line is only for immediate, potentially life-threatening emergencies.

Chuck Trimble said Wednesday that people have used the line to try to find out what television channel the Denver Broncos football game is being broadcast on or to report that a fast-food restaurant has bungled their order at a drive-through window. Another caller wanted officials to notify his mother to stop by his house when she had time.

Other callers have asked about the weather or wanted information on travel conditions on Wyoming Highways. Road and travel information is available online or by calling 511.

Crimes that do not pose an immediate threat to safety should be placed to law enforcement agencies such as the Cheyenne Police Department or Laramie County Sheriff's Office.

Trimble said the problem is that people are using up valuable time that might be better used to address legitimately dangerous situations. He also reminds people that they can be charged with a misdemeanor for intentionally placing a call on the emergency for something that is clearly not a real emergency.

People convicted of placing those calls can face a sentence of 6 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $750. Trimble says people have been charged in such cases recently and warned the agency will be more actively reporting prank or crank calls in the near future.

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