The Laramie Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) has some big news to share with the surrounding community. The non-profit took to their social media to make the big announcement that has been making the rounds in the form of rumors recently.

LAWS took to their Facebook page to announce they are making a purchase of a facility of their own! The new facility is 5300 square feet of building space on two acres. According to their social media post, this will also provide LAWS to have things like increased storage space, a loading bay so that pallets of litter and food can be delivered, and a completely separate office for adoptions and foster agreements.

Here's a little bit of what Don Probst, president of LAWS had to say in their announcement on their Facebook page:

...As of Monday afternoon, LAWS has entered into a contract to purchase a location of our own. The property in question is comprised of roughly 5300 square feet of building space, located on 2 acres of land. It features off street parking, a more secure location and ample room for storage.
We hope to finalize the purchase in early August. The building is not move-in ready. At minimum, we will need to install drywall and some paint before it’s functional at all, and it won’t be ideal for some time, but we’d like to be moved in before it stays cold. A VERY tentative date would be the end of September.
Some of the immediate plans: increased storage space, a loading bay for deliveries, possibly even allowing for bulk purchases of pallets of things like litter and food. A separate office for foster agreements and adoptions to take place as well as at least one, if not more, separate meet and greet room so there is as little disruption to the daily activity of LAWS as possible, and a space to hold meetings and trainings.
This is a very exciting time for LAWS, and we deeply appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for the animals of Albany County...
As they mentioned, they hope to move in by the end of September as a tentative date. The new space will only help to continue to help pets and their people throughout the surrounding Laramie community and all of Albany County for years to come.
Also, this weekend, LAWS will be out at the Laramie Murdoch's from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the Fill-A-Trunk Donation Drive to help stock up on their shelves to help over 150 animals.

Stop by and help out if you can as they continue to help out our furry friends throughout Albany County and the surrounding Laramie community.

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