Today in The Morning Zone:

7:07AM MST: We continue our long running series on those issue that put our Kids At Risk in our community and across the country with child advocate John Frentheway and licensed professional counselor, Renee' Hansen. We'll review a study out this week from the U.S. National Institute of Drug Abuse and the University of Michigan of some 47,000 students grades 8, 10, and 12 from some 400 public and private schools across the country showing that while alcohol use by American teens has dropped to historic lows, marijuana use has risen over 4 percent, as has use of other illicit drugs, prescription medications and over the counter drugs.

8:07AM MST: Tim Graham, Media Research Center's director of media analysis joins Marvin Nash from Bullying Hurts and The Nash Foundation to discuss his latest column that states, Networks Do Their Own Bullying on Gay Teens.

9:07AM MST: The folks from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center join us for their monthly update on the latest from the Center with it's growth plans and other information.