Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he's open to the idea of making the city Sanitation Department an enterprise fund.

That would mean money generated by sanitation fees would only be used for that department. But the mayor also says for that to happen some way would have to be found to make up the roughly $1.6 million in revenues generated by sanitation fees that currently  goes to other city agencies.

Kaysen says some of that money goes to the Cheyenne Police Department, Cheyenne Fire and Rescue and Parks and Recreation,  among other areas. He says making up the difference is more difficult than it may sound because of state restrictions on how city governments can raise funds.

Kaysen says the idea of making the agency an enterprise fund isn't new, adding it's something he has been looking at during his five years as mayor. But he says so far the question of making up the funding shortfall to other agencies remains a stumbling block.