Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he's hearing from both supporters and opponents of a proposed ordinance to restrict where recreational vehicles and trailers can park on city streets. The proposal would, among other things, restrict the parking of RVs and trailers within a public right of way if doing so would leave less than ten feet of roadway accessible to traffic. Kaysen says supporters of the proposal say it addresses valid safety concerns and is long overdue. But the mayor also says he's hearing widespread comments from RV, trailer and boat owners who feel it's not needed and infringes upon their rights. Kaysen says he's also heard from construction companies who say it would interfere with their usage of trailers at work sites in some cases. The proposed ordinance is the latest in a  series of city council proposals on the RV/trailer parking issue dating at least back to the 1990's. The latest proposal, put forward by Councilwoman Georgia Broyles, was approved by the council on second reading Monday night but still faces a third and final reading before becoming law.