As the calendar flips to November, without bypassing Thanksgiving, we should probably think about the holidays, at least a little, right? Especially when you think of some of the holiday events that may be on the way, like, I don't know, a Christmas Parade.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber Of Commerce puts on the annual Christmas Parade every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year is no different as they have the parade set for Saturday, November 26th.

When And Where Is The Cheyenne Christmas Parade Kicking Off?

The parade will kick off Saturday, November 26th at 5:30 PM and will start at 17th street.

As far as I can tell, they don't have the route set for this year's Christmas Parade, but when it's available, they'll have it posted here.

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It looks like the theme is going to be "Christmas Past To Present", which is up for debate on how they'll make that work. I think old-fashioned Christmas is really fun, so hopefully, we'll get to set our eyes on some really cool floats.

This also kicks off the Old West Holiday in Downtown Cheyenne, which is always my favorite. You'll be able to check out the lights and decorations in the Downtown Depot Plaza, Santa's Saloon, Kringle Rach, Mrs. Clause Cookies, and more.

Get ready, all the holiday fun is heading our way, so go ahead and dust off that Santa hat and start planning your holiday time properly. Cheyenne is ready to celebrate the season.

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