Dear State Of Wyoming, you are really missing out on a HUGE money-making opportunity.

Wyoming's mule deal population was hard hit by the drought, of a couple of years ago, and last winter's heavy snowfall.

Those herds need to repopulate.

But the state's booming coyote population is hungry and mule dear fawns are easy targets.

With too many coyotes and not enough mule deer the state has decided to hunt coyotes via helicopter.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has approved $200,000 to gun down coyotes on deer fawning grounds from helicopters.


This is typical government for you.

Why spend the money to hunt coyotes by air when you can charge people to do it?

Imagine Wyoming Game & Fish charged hunters $250, or more, so they could shoot coyotes from a speeding chopper.

Imagine how long that line of customers would be.

If they do it right the state could make a couple of million in profit.

This hunting excursion would be BYOG. (Bring Your Own Gun).

But if you don't have the right kind of gun then Game & Fish will rent one out to you with ammo.

Add in a nice stop on a mountain top for lunch (also charge them for lunch) and the state is making some serious money.

When I first thought of this I was laughing as if it was a silly idea.

The more I think about it the more sense it makes.

Did you know that there are companies that already do this?

To make it easier we could just call a company that already does helicopter hunting excursions and invite them into the state.

Texas has a huge hog problem.

One of the ways they are cutting down on hog overpopulation is with helicopter hunting tours.

So forget spending taxpayer money on hunting coyotes.

Make money hunting them.

Just watch out for any coyote with something marked ACME on it.

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