Wyoming doesn't have skyscrapers.

This state's most famous skylines are, perhaps, Devils Tower and the Grand Tetons.

So imagine if we had a giant rock slide that change the Grand Teton backdrop that we know so well and love.

Teewinot and Mount Owen have had just a side, altering the famous view.

What fell is being described as “a big chunk of the mountain”

What fell has altered the Grand’s East Ridge enough that people who know those mountains can easily tell the difference.

It won't be a problem for those who have never seen these mountains in person.

Does this mean that we have to change our Wyoming postcards?

Not really.

Solar Eclipse Visible Across Swath Of U.S.
George Frey, Getty Images

These mountains are so large that, while the rock fall was a big one, from a distance it looks more like a little chip taken out of the skyline.

The section that collapsed was at the 13,775-foot Grand’s East Ridge.

What was an even-sided pyramid is now a pointed spire.

That change is more apparent from the north.

Think of it as your best friend getting a chip in his front tooth.

You'll notice.

Strangers will think his smile was always that way.

The climber's guide to the Tetons will have to be changed a bit in that area.

Rock falls are common in mountain ranges like the Tetons.

Perea Photography via YouTube
Perea Photography via YouTube

Bug ones are rare, but they happen.

Nobody wants to change the name of that peak.

Climbers will want to know that everything has settled before they go back up there.

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