The prep basketball season is about halfway through the 2023 season.

Here are some of the top individual efforts to this point.

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Girls Single-Game Scoring:

Lauren Olsen, Douglas, 35 pts vs. Burns on 12-16-22

Maren Baker, Dubois, 33 pts vs. Glenrock on 1-13-23

Megan Hagar, Natrona County, 33 pts vs. Kelly Walsh on 12-10-22

Boys Single-Game Scoring:

Ryan Wells, Dubois, 37 pts vs. St. Stephens on 1-5-23

Keaton Mills, Sundance, 36 pts vs. Newcastle on 12-16-22

Jake Kampman, Kemmerer, 35 pts vs. Little Snake River on 12-9-22

Girls Single-Game Rebounding:

McKinlee Covolo, Mountain View, 24 rebounds vs. Rawlins on 1-14-23

Shye Killsontop, Wyoming Indian, 23 rebounds vs. Big Horn on 12-17-22

Whitney Bennett, Saratoga, 21 rebounds vs. Burlington on 12-10-22

Kyenna Jackson, Encampment, 21 rebounds vs. Rock River on 1-13-23

Boys Single-Game Rebounding:

LJ Morgan, Wright, 26 rebounds vs. Lusk on 1-7-23

Colter McAnelly, East, 21 rebounds vs. Kelly Walsh on 12-8-22

Stu Lerwick, Pine Bluffs, 20 rebounds vs. Prospect Ridge, CO, on 12-17-22

Girls Single-Game Assists:

Whitney Bennett, Saratoga, 10 assists vs. Dubois on 12-16-22

Mikayla Alexander, Rock River, 10 assists vs. Midwest on 12-16-22

Boys Single-Game Assists:

Jack Dayton, Cokeville, 13 assists vs. Riverside on 12-17-22

Girls Single-Game Steals:

Molly Hays, Cody, 12 steals vs. Lovell on 1-6-23

Boys Single-Game Steals:

Kyle Smith, Hulett, 12 steals vs. Sheridan Frosh on 12-10-22

Girls Single-Game Blocked Shots:

Addison Demaret, Green River, 10 blocks vs. Lyman on 12-17-22

Boys Single-Game Block Shots:

Travis Mosteller, Midwest, 8 blocks vs. Rock River on 12-16-22

Girls Double-Double Leaders:

Shye Killsontop, Wyoming Indian, 7 double-doubles

Whitney Bennett, Saratoga, 7 double-doubles

Caroline Schlattmann, Riverside, 5 double-doubles

McKinlee Covolo, Mountain View, 5 double-doubles

Boys Double-Double Leaders:

Jake Kampman, Kemmerer, 9 double-doubles

Wylie Shearer, Wind River, 7 double-doubles

Dane Branson, Mountain View, 6 double-doubles


Whitney Bennett, Saratoga: 14 pts, 12 rebounds, 10 assists on 12-16-22

Karson Temple, Central: 12 pts, 10 rebounds, 10 steals on 12-16-22

Ryan Fornstrom, Pine Bluffs: 16 pts, 10 rebounds, 12 assists on 12-19-22

Alex Mills, Shoshoni: 20 pts, 10 rebounds, 10 assists on 12-8-22

For comparison, there have been 312 different double-doubles versus four triple-doubles. That’s how rare those can be.

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