Climb Wyoming, one of Laramie's unique nonprofits will be graduating another cohort of mothers into the workforce. Laramie has a number of nonprofit organizations, providing a diverse array of assistance from food, housing, financial, and health services. Climb seeks to converge provision and self-sufficiency by offering job training so single mothers can provide for their families while also contributing to the community. The most recent cohort graduates on June 1 from Climb's Medical Administrative Careers training.

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Climb is unique in how it serves its participants; as Tess Snow, Program Director, explained, "We cater the training to what employers say they need. We're able to adjust to support the community's workforce, which is what drives our program and makes us impactful for local economies." 

Climb offers a 10-week program based on those employment needs and the needs of mothers. "We meet the moms where they're at and learn from them; what's the best approach to serve them. We have strong, nationally recognized outcomes because of this adjustment," Snow added.

This most recent group has nine graduates. Mothers are either interviewing or already employed in the community. "We don't just put them in jobs; we're intentional about building community," Snow said. "These moms are already bought into our community; many have kids in school here. They want to stay in Laramie long-term; that's the beauty of hiring a Climb mom is that investment." 

Climb supports mothers before, during, and after graduation. "There is so much benefit for employers to hire a Climb mom. They're hard workers, dedicated, and the best problem solvers. We offer a ton of support to employers on top of this. We make sure it's the right fit and are there for employers as moms settle into their new jobs."
For more information on Climb Wyoming programs, visit their website at or click here.

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