If you're looking for a summer job for your kid or you're looking for a new job for yourself, you're in luck.

There are job openings at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park outside of Casper. You'll want to act now before they're gone.

Have you ever been enjoying time outdoors and thought “I wish I could work here”? Now is your chance, not only are we currently hiring for summer seasonal workers, but we are also hiring for a permanent, year-round Park Maintenance Technician.

The full-time Park Maintenance Tech job would be a career with the State of Wyoming. Here's what the job description looks like.

Work within the natural setting of EKW State Park and Independence Rock State Historic Site protecting resources and providing outstanding visitor experiences through recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities at a safe and well-maintained park and historic site. EKW is a small park along the North Platte River minutes away from downtown Casper, a vibrant community with a full array of nearby outdoor recreational opportunities and community events, activities, and services. The main features at EKW are a swimming pond, day-use shelters, several acres of manicured lawns, overnight cabin rentals, two engineered riparian areas, and a trail system that winds through a large cottonwood grove on the banks of the North Platte River. Independence Rock is a national historic landmark along the immigrant trails. These sites provide a balance of opportunities between recreation, education, and conservation.

Starting pay is $20.66 per hour, with a complete benefit package available.

The seasonal positions are usually during the busy summer months, with the pay ranging from $10 - $16 per hour.

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