This winter has been a little different for some places in Wyoming.

Warmer temperatures in some areas have caused an issue for those who like to get out to ice fish or ice skate. If you're one of those people, have you checked out Boysen State Park?

Looking for weekend plans? Boysen State Park’s ice rink is calling you! Located at the swim beach, ice skating is included in your day use fee ($7 vehicle for residents/$12 non-residents - or with your annual day use pass!). Skates and sticks are available to borrow in the changing rooms by the bathrooms. ⛸️❄️ The ice is plenty thick now and is monitored by staff - the rink will close when the ice gets too thin. Hot Springs and Medicine Lodge have built ice rinks at their sites too! Check their Facebook pages for current conditions as the rinks close with soft ice.



This is a very inexpensive form of entertainment for you and the family, and they even offer up skates and hockey gear for you to borrow.

The ice skating rink at Boysen State Park swim beach is now open and we have skates and hockey sticks that are placed at the change house across from the restroom that were purchased with donation funds. We also added a couple of walkers and skating trainers to use for beginners. All of these items are free to use if you do not have your own and we are relying on the honor system that visitors return them after use and we hope that families will come out and enjoy some winter fun! The ice is an impressive 19.5 inches thick and we montitor it weekly for safety and will shut down access in the spring when ice levels shrink to 10 inches.

Wyoming Winter Emergency Kit

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Wyomingite Snow Day Fun

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