Depending on where you live, you may think your surroundings feel like they deserve their own theme song. In Wyoming, it's only fitting that it our surroundings feel like a country song. Recent research even backs up the idea.

Zippia recently did a study to find out which states are most like a country song. They even cited the side note of country star Brantley Gilbert's famous line, "... In every state, there's a station playin' Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon." So using common themes and lyrics where country music is a way life, the study ranked which states are most like a country song. Wyoming turns out to be ranked as the 8th most state to be like a country song.

You could probably look to a lot that's around Wyoming and figure that the setting looks like something out of a country song. But some states had certain lyrics from country songs that were quite applicable, such as:

  • New Hampshire is tossing back the most Red Solo Cups and singing Whiskey Lullabies as people there are drinking 4.8 gallons of alcohol each year.
  • The divorce rates in Arkansas, Delaware, and Nevada must be What Hurts the Most. Perhaps that's what's causing the Teardrops On Their (My) Guitar.
  • Most states in the west have cravings for a Barefoot Bluejean Night as they dominated the list of being most like country songs.

Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota were the states to finish ahead of Wyoming on the list while New York topped the states that are least like a country song, followed by New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. I'll take it the Northeast isn't much like a country song whatsoever.

If you've ever thought to yourself that your life is a lot like a country song, you're certainly in one of the right spots for it, Wyomingites!

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