~~Jim Kouri~~

The Iranian military claims it will unveil the latest and biggest strategic unmanned aerial system drone built by experts who are part of the Iranian Defense Ministry. The unveiling ceremony and demonstration is scheduled for Monday.

The unveiling ceremony will be hosted by the Iranian Defense Minister, Gen. Hussein Dehghan.

The drone is named after Islam's divine angel 'Fotros' which they is the largest strategic drone possessing advanced capabilities including radar evading technology.

Iranians claim they have recently made "giant advancements in aerospace industries," especially in the design and manufacturing of unmanned drones.

Earlier in 2013, the Iranian Air Force unveiled its Sarir drones during the ceremonies held on National Army Day. Sarir is Persian for "throne."

Commander of the Air Defense Base, Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli, stated that Sarir is a long-range, long-endurance radar evading air defense drone.

Also earlier this year, Iran displayed its most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed and manufactured by that country's aeronautical engineers.

The stealth drone, named Hemaseh (Epic), was first shown to the world during a special ceremony honoring the defense ministry's martyrs.

While all eyes are on Iran's nuclear ambitions, the Iranians continue to work on achieving other weapons and delivery systems. Speaking with Fars news agency, Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari said "Right now the thing is not relations with the US, it is rather negotiations about the nuclear case."

"Since we have gone down the nuclear energy path well enough and as we are influential in the Middle East where the US needs us, and since Obama is a bit different from previous US presidents, it is a good opportunity for the nuclear negotiations to be carried out, so that some of the unfair sanctions that are imposed on us are lifted. All in all it is a good job. Whether it hits or not it will be to our advantage,” the senior lawmaker added.

He also pointed to Obama’s statement that the military option is still on the table and said "After all he has to say something to please Israel, which is not important. The US is stuck between Israel and Iran. He talks to please both sides. It must not be taken seriously.”

A secret U.S. surveillance drone that went missing in western Afghanistan reportedly crashed in Iran in 2011. That drone possessed stealth technology which may have assisted the Iranians in developing their own technology.