Wyoming Senator John Barrasso got a plurality of the votes in a recent Townsquare Media of Cheyenne online poll on the 2018 Wyoming U.S. Senate race.

Senator Barrasso, who is a Casper medical doctor, gained the support of 45.45 percent of those answering the poll.

Just under a quarter of those responding supported ''none of the above" while a little under 19 percent supported Blackwater Founder Erik Prince.

A little over 8 percent supported Republican activist/donor Foster Freiss of Jackson, and 3.5 percent said ''other.''

Various poll takers chose to write in several names as their choice, including former Governor Dave Freudenthal, KGAB radio talk show host Glenn Woods, "any Democrat,'' Mickey Mouse, former state Republican party chair Matt Micheli, and ''anyone but Barrasso."

The online poll was unscientific, and none of the potential candidates have said whether they plan on running for the Senate.

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