Laramie County District Attorney-elect Jeremiah Sandburg says he wants to stress openness and transparency when he assumes office next month.

He says that while elected officeholders are, by definition, politicians, he wants to be the kind of politician he would be able to respect. Sandburg says that includes letting people know as much as possible what is going on in his office, keeping in mind there are some issues that can't be immediately discussed due to various legal concerns.

Sandburg says the nature of the Laramie County D.A's office is evolving as the county grows. He says that when the office was started in the 1980's the District Attorney had more of a direct impact on the prosecution of cases, in part because the county's population was smaller and there were fewer criminal cases.

He says the role of the District Attorney is changing into more of an administrative position as the population grows and there are more and more criminal cases being prosecuted.

Sandburg narrowly defeated incumbent District Attorney Scott Homar in the August Republican primary. He was unopposed in the November General election

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