Grab the pick axe, generator, tent and, of course, the line because we're about to tell you where some of the best ice fishing spots are in Wyoming.  If you know where to go in Wyoming, you can discover some of the most pristine places to ice fish. Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight 5 of the best places to ice fish in Wyoming, according to Wyoming Tourism.

  1. Fremont Lake - Not only will you have a chance to catch brown and rainbow trout, but you can enjoy the view of the Wind River Mountain. This lake is near Pinedale, Wyoming.
  2. Pathfinder Reservoir - In this reservoir near Casper, Wyoming you have the opportunity to catch walleye, brown and rainbow trout. They say ice fishing can be a bit of a challenge, however to keep you motivated, you can review the frequently updated lake conditions here.
  3. Alcova Reservoir - Also near Casper, Wyoming you can fish some of the best rainbow and brown trout, which is stocked in the lake every November.
  4. Saratoga Lake - Anglers like to drop their lines in this lake, located in Saratoga, Wyoming. Smallmouth, largemouth bass, crappie, and yellow Pperch will be visitors in your freezer, if you can get a hold of them.
  5. Keyhole Reservoir - This hot spot, located near Moorcroft, Wyoming opens up doors of opportunities to catch northern pike, walleye and crappie. Local fishermen say that it's best to fish on the south side of the pond. Which might mean to go to the north side.

Feel free to share where some of your 'hot' ice fishing spots are in Wyoming. Tell us what you have caught and what tastes good.

Best Practices for Ice Fishing:

  • 6 inch thick ice is recommended for safe ice fishing, however you can fish on top of 4 inch thick ice.
  • You're allowed up to 6 lines in the pond at a time, according to Wyoming statute, therefore, it's recommended that you use jigging rods and tie ups for the best chance to catch.
  • Always consider fishing on top of clear ice, rather than cloudy or 'white' ice. The reason for this is that white ice has been known to be frozen, thawed and then frozen again. If you must fish on top of 'white' ice, remember to double the recommended thickness of the ice before setting up camp.

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