We're going to put last week in our burn book and look forward to potential wins this weekend as the Pokes take on Hawaii tonight for their first home game of the season and the Broncos take on the upstart Chargers.

The Pokes have a close matchup against the Rainbow Warriors and as I'm writing this, the spread is -1 in favor of the Pokes. There are a lot of variables that will go into this game, especially with the season ending injury that Sean Chambers had last week. Fortunately, the next man up mentality of the Cowboys surged with Levi Williams coming in to force Overtime. Just check out this run.

Here's another angle of it.

I can watch runs like that all day. The Cowboys will have to watch the run as The Rainbow Warriors put 323 yards on the ground last week against Fresno St. in their victory.

Taking a look at the Broncos, they have a pretty tough but even matchup against the Chargers of San Di..nope, LA. Justin Herbert isn't a slouch, he's surging as maybe the second best QB of last years draft(looking at you this weekend, Tua). He's doing a great job getting the ball moving through the air, but they're not necessarily getting a lot of points put up.

I think the Broncos should have one of the better games this weekend, and probably tighter than we'd like, but it's a great opportunity for the Broncos to get a nice win if their defense can hold up, which it should.

Finally, let's go Pokes and Broncos!

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