Let's get those pre-pandemic vibes going, the Pershing Blvd. Dairy Queen's lobby is now open again. Having the lobby as an option to get your sweet treats will hopefully solve one of the glaring traffic issues on Pershin Blvd. with the drive-thru not being overloaded with cars.

This is awesome news as we make our way into the heart of Summer. It also looks like this may be a good sign that the local DQ has been able to get staffed up, which, you really have to feel for them on that front. We all have experienced worker shortages in one way or another, and it's great that these awesome local owners seem to have been able to staff up.

A tip of the hat to the Facebook Group Cheyenne Rants and Raves for someone "raving" about the now open lobby. It seems that everyone in that group is pretty excited about the reopening of the lobby.

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It's awesome to see that the DQ lobby is back open, there's nothing like Dairy Queen on a hot summer day, and the opportunity to go in and sit down and enjoy your cool treat is unmeasurable. Also, their burgers are very underrated. This really is a win-win for the community.

Let's hope that they're able to keep operating at this level and the next time you stop by our local Dairy Queen, make sure to give a simple "thank you" to whoever is serving you. Kindness goes a long way.

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